Respironics EverFlo Q Oxygen Concentrator Review (With OPI)

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Respironics Everflo Q Home concentrator review

Home oxygen concentrators deliver a substantial volume of oxygen to patients on oxygen therapy at home, unlike mobile portable oxygen concentrators. Oxygen therapy could be used for different conditions ranging from sleep disorders like sleep apnea to conditions of the respiratory system like COPD, also known as Smokers’ cough by some. The normal oxygen concentration in the blood ranges from 95-98%. So supplementary oxygen of 90% produced by an oxygen concentrator would be more than enough to keep the body’s functions at optimal levels. However, not every patient might need high doses of oxygen for their care. Some need much less than 90% to cope with the diagnosed condition. Hence, a prescription is needed from a doctor to suit the current state of things.

Oxygen therapy in general could give a bitter-sweet experience. Too much of it, “high oxygen levels” could be life-threatening (this is called oxygen toxicity) and too little of it “low oxygen or very low oxygen” could be equally fatal (this is called hypoxia). To avoid such dangers, a written prescription from a specialist could save your life.

But enough of the medical jargon! This is a review of the Respironics Everflo Q oxygen concentrator. It is not just a step up from the Everflo oxygen concentrator but has also been ranked as one of the overall best 5L home oxygen concentrators in the world, with impressive concentration levels of 90-96%, one of the quietest with sound levels of 40 decibels, the second lightest weight amongst other top stationary oxygen concentrators and one with the highest search requests on Google. Isn’t that great? Let’s know more.


Features and Benefits of the Everflo Q Home oxygen concentrator

It may be a little difficult to outline the key features of this device because its manufacturers designed it in such a way that all features are an advantage to its use. What are these features?


Size, Design, and Mobility

At a glance:

  • Weight: 31 pounds (14kg)
  • Dimensions: 23 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 9.5 inches thick

The Respironics Everflo Q oxygen concentrator is intuitively designed for ease of use. Its durable blue casing, easy-on-the-eye aesthetic look, four sturdy wheels, and lightweight makes it the winner when portability, convenience, and mobility are the boxes to tick. You may already be using a bulky unit that causes you so much distress dragging about half your weight around the house. With a weight of only 31 pounds, this Respironics model has four caster wheels which make transporting it from one part of the house to another, or even outdoors for a road trip much easier. This unit can also fit cozily beside your sofa in the living room without having you run long tubings across rooms in the home. It is a durable oxygen concentrator.


Flow settings and Oxygen output

The Respironics EverFlo Q uses a pressure swing absorption and molecular sieve method to concentrate oxygen from ambient air. At a flow rate of 0.5 to 5 liters per minute (LPM), the unit emits approximately 93% oxygen and maintains 87-96% oxygen purity. It is a great option for a variety of therapy needs because of its wide flow rates, particularly if your demands change daily. The device can be utilized with bilevel sleep support devices and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines since it supplies continuous flow oxygen.


Usability and Power consumption

The Everflo Q’s design gives no hassles with its user interface. It is quite easy to operate and its panel includes the following:

  1. An on-and-off switch of the device itself
  2. A recessed flow meter to protect it and a knob to adjust what flow rate you want
  3. Indicator lights (green, yellow, and red)
  4. Oxygen percentage indicator (OPI) is an added safety measure to sound an alarm when oxygen levels are low (82%) or very low (70%)
  5. Alarms to let you know when there is a problem.

The Respironics EverFlo Q oxygen concentrator consumes 350 watts and plugs into the regular wall outlet. It is made to safely function between temperatures of 55° and 90° Fahrenheit and at heights of up to 7,500 feet above sea level (its operating altitude).



It doesn’t take much to maintain this device. Its two filters only need to be changed every 2 years. This would save you time and a lot of money which some other home oxygen concentrators would not. Its recessed flow meter is another added perk that gives you one less thing to maintain or protect on your own at short intervals.


What about the Sound level?

The noise produced by these machines is something that cannot be ignored as it affects not just the users but also the other members of the home or surrounding area. Philips did a great job with its Respironics Everflo Q by designing it to make sound 40 decibels, which is equivalent to the hum of a refrigerator or a library. This makes it one of the home oxygen concentrators in the world with the lowest noise level. Someone in the same room as you may barely notice it if it is working optimally.


Accessories for the Respironics Everflo Q oxygen concentrator

So what do we have in the package?

  1. The Respironics Everflo Q unit
  2. Compressor intake filter and Microdisk filter
  3. Nasal cannulas
  4. Oxygen tubing
  5. User manual
  6. Humidifier connector tube


Product Warranty

A product’s warranty is an assurance that the manufacturer is confident and eager to support their product to the user. The Everflo Q has a warranty of three (3) years that protects it from defects.


In Conclusion

Having a good unit like the Respironics Everflo Q oxygen concentrator is a worthy investment in your health if you are on continuous oxygen therapy. For those who are burdened with carrying those inconvenient oxygen tanks, you need not search anymore. This is a fantastic option for you. Its low maintenance and continuous flow settings are perks that would suit your oxygen demands.

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Respironics EverFlo Q Oxygen Concentrator Review (With OPI)
Respironics EverFlo Q Oxygen Concentrator Review (With OPI)
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