ResMed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator Review

ResMed has established a solid reputation in the oxygen therapy market, and now extending its innovative experience into the field of portable oxygen concentrators with the introduction of the ResMed Mobi portable oxygen concentrator.

Having an active lifestyle may seem daunting when living with breathing problems. Those two don’t mix! But now, that would be the least of your concerns as the ResMed Mobi can cover all your needs. it improves mobility whilst accommodating your lifestyle demands with the perk of extended battery life.

As a frequent traveller, you would love this unit from ResMed. You may take it anywhere you want because it is compact and lightweight. Without having to worry about big tanks, power cords, or bulky equipment, this portable oxygen concentrator enables you to enjoy all the advantages of oxygen treatment everywhere and anywhere.

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What are the Features and Benefits of the ResMed Mobi portable oxygen concentrator?

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Size, Weight, and Design

A device such as this with many features is expected to be heavy than usual. However, in this case, it is not so. The ResMed Mobi is a “feature-loaded” unit but merely weighs 5.5 pounds! Yes, I was also surprised. It is 9.60 inches wide, 7.95 inches tall, and 4.49 inches thick. Its compact design makes it portable and easy to handle. The days of dealing with clumsy and large oxygen tanks are over.


Battery Life and Performance

Battery life is an extremely important factor to consider before making your choice on which portable oxygen concentrator would work best for you. A long battery life is an obvious choice most of the time. The ResMed Mobi comes with an internal battery and an optional external battery. The internal battery would give you about 6 hours of oxygen supply on pulse flow settings of 2 or 3, while in times of increased activity and movement, the external battery would give you an additional 3 hours of oxygen and weigh an extra 1.1 pound.

  • Internal battery life – 6 hours
  • External battery life – 9 hours


How do you charge those batteries?

Of course, after usage, those lithium-ion batteries would need a top-up and these are done through:

  • AC power supply
  • DC power supply

The typical way to charge your Mobi portable oxygen concentrator is via a regular wall socket with an AC power supply at home or in a hotel. You can power the Mobi and charge both the internal and external batteries by merely utilizing the AC power supply, but please bear in mind that using and charging at the same time would cause the batteries to take a longer time to charge. The same goes for users always on the move. Simply plugging in your device to the DC power supply via the cigarette lighter outlet in the vehicle would charge the device and the external mobi battery whilst you use it.


Flow Settings

Having a prescribed pulse flow setting allows you to enjoy the benefits of using lightweight oxygen units to serve you not just when you’re active, but also when resting. The ResMed Mobi portable oxygen concentrator has a pulse flow setting from 1-4.

The Mobi will detect your respiration rate and switch between active and rest modes automatically based entirely on your current level of activity at that specific moment! Not just that, it has a patented pulse wave technology that senses your breathing patterns to deliver the precise amount of oxygen for each breath in those moments.


Easy-to-use Control panel with LED panel

You don’t have to be a tech guru to operate this oxygen concentrator. The Mobi control panel was designed and developed by ResMed to be simple and a little sophisticated, which is exactly why they worked so hard on it. You can get all the information you require by quickly scanning the device’s LED control panel, which is incredibly clear and crisp. The ResMed Mobi portable oxygen concentrator’s simple LED display, which enables quick push-button startup and even quicker setting adjustments, is one of its major advantages.

The Mobi control panel has a large power button that will turn the device on or off when pressed and held, as well as a power indicator that glows green when the device is turned on and in use. Additionally, there is an alarm indicator on the control panel that will sound an alarm and display a yellow LED light whenever there is a change in the operating status or a situation that needs attention. You can relax knowing that your concentrator is operating properly thanks to the clear display of this on your Mobi control panel.

Lastly, there is a large LED display screen which shows directional controls and pointers that will be used to adjust the pulse flow rate on the machine.


Noise Level

Its sound pressure level rises depending on the pulse flow setting. At a pulse setting of 2, it produces 38 decibels, while a setting of 4 would produce about 58 decibels.


What do you get with the ResMed Mobi portable concentrator?

  1. ResMed Mobi portable oxygen concentrator
  2. Long-lasting internal battery
  3. External battery
  4. AC power supply (Power cords)
  5. DC power supply (Power cords)
  6. Nasal cannula
  7. Standard or hypoallergenic filters
  8. Custom carrying case
  9. Backpack
  10. Mounting straps (could be used for wheelchairs)
  11. Padded shoulder straps

These accessories not only give you an edgy or stylish look but also improves your mobility. In fact, some say the ease of mobility is the reason it was given the name “Mobi”. The carrying case is easy to clean and comfortably conceals the batteries and tubes like small digital camera pouches.


Is the ResMed Mobi FAA-Approved?

Yes, the Mobi portable oxygen concentrator is approved for international flights.


Is there a Warranty?

There is a five-year manufacturer’s warranty included with the ResMed portable oxygen concentrator. Within five years of using the device, if you experience any issues with its operation, you can contact the manager, and your device will be looked after.

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ResMed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator Review
ResMed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator Review


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