LifeChoice ActivOx Portable Concentrator Review

Living a regular life while suffering from a respiratory condition like COPD is difficult and frustrating, especially if you have to carry around 2-4 additional oxygen tanks in case of an emergency and are constantly waiting for weekly or monthly oxygen cylinder supplies.

What other options have you explored? The LifeChoice ActivOx 4l portable oxygen concentrator might be the right fit for you. It will certainly take off the burdens of those hefty oxygen tanks. So, how would this device make things better? Fair question. Firstly, you would make a wide transition from those heavy cylinders to a lightweight unit, thereby giving you the freedom to live your life the way you want, even while on oxygen therapy.

It comes with a few other features like its powerful internal battery, optional external battery, sleep mode technology, and pulse wave oxygen delivery system. So, we have quite a number of things to talk about. Let’s keep reading.


Features and Benefits of the LifeChoice ActivOx 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Special features:

Sleep mode technology: As one of LifeChoice Activox’s most sophisticated features, it automatically switches between “Active Mode” and “Rest Mode” to keep your oxygen levels saturated by detecting and responding to your breathing rate. Its ability to detect your breath improves by ten times while in rest mode, so it should be able to pick up even the smallest breaths. If you don’t need a CPAP or BiPAP machine to sleep, the Activox 4L would keep you oxygenated all night long. To keep you from going without oxygen at night, the device will alert you to let you know if it doesn’t detect a breath. This tech is sometimes called the Auto mode technology.


Other features:


Size, Weight, and Design

As one of the smallest portable oxygen concentrators on the global market, it measures 7.9 inches high, 9.1 inches wide, and inches deep. It also has a fair weight of just 4.8 pounds. These make traveling around the world, walks within the town, exercising, and any other thing you do in your leisure easier. There would be no more trying to catch your breath after climbing a flight of stairs, either due to the weight of your former oxygen tanks or from not having enough oxygen delivered into your system.


Flow rate (Pulse wave delivery)

The LifeChoice ActivOx is designed differently from the usual portable oxygen concentrator with pulse flow settings. This unit is built to provide oxygen as pulse wave delivery. How do they differ? Here it is. Units with a pulse flow setting deliver oxygen in quick bursts when the user is performing a high-intensity activity. However, the pulse wave technology of the ActivOx delivers oxygen waves in a way that mimics your usual breathing rate. This also reduces the risk of nose bleeds and nasal irritation gotten from some pulse flow devices. It provides oxygen on settings 1 to 4.


Battery Life

This LifeChoice ActivOx portable concentrator has an impressive battery life – one of the best on the open market. It comes with an internal battery and an optional external battery. Its internal battery on a setting of 2 can last for 8.25 hours and the external battery for 3.75 hours. Both on that setting could last you 12 uninterrupted hours of oxygen flow. That is a whole day! You could spend the daylight period with friends and family with no worries about oxygen refill.

Apart from these batteries, the unit can also be powered by an AC power supply through a wall outlet or a DC power supply via the conventional cigarette lighter in your vehicle.


Control panel

The LifeChoice Activox is very simple to use. It has a distinctive transflective display that is easy to read during the day or at night! Your concentrator’s flow rate and the remaining battery life left will both be displayed on the screen.

The device is also easy to use because of the large push buttons. Each one is identified by its unique purpose. The “+” and “-” buttons let you adjust your flow rate, the arrows guide you through the settings on the screen, and if you’re concerned that your alerts may disturb those around you, there’s even a button to silence them.


Oxygen purity

With the LifeChoice ActivOx, oxygen patients get to enjoy oxygen concentration levels from 85% to 95%.


Noise Level

This LifeChoice ActivOx portable concentrator operates at 41 decibels on setting 1, 44 decibels on setting 2, and 46 on setting 3. If you ask me I would say this is a fair sound level for a portable oxygen concentrator – similar to a library or conversation.


Safety features

This oxygen concentrator was designed with an alarm system that mostly alerts you to a likely problem or hazard. An alarm goes off when any of the following occurs:

  • Low battery
  • Low oxygen purity
  • High temperature
  • No breaths detected
  • System malfunction requiring a reset.

In a situation where any of the above occurs, the audible alarm keeps ringing and a red indicator light on the control panel would come on. On the display screen, the title of the current problem would be shown to inform you on what to act on. If the issue is not solved, the alarm remains on, unless it is silenced. More details can be found in the user’s manual


What Accessories can be used with the LifeChoice ActivOx Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

  1. AC power supply
  2. DC power supply
  3. External battery
  4. Adjustable straps
  5. Carry case
  6. Oxygen tubing
  7. Backpack
  8. User manual



The LifeChoice Activox is self-maintaining and stress-free. All you need to do is wipe the inlet once or twice a week, or clean it with disinfection wipes once a month.



Yes, the ActivOx machine is FAA approved. This would be a relief for patients that enjoy traveling across the country or continents. All destinations on your bucket list are achievable.



This LifeChoice ActivOx 4l portable oxygen concentrator like most other oxygen concentrators comes with the standard 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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  1. Vic A.

    I take it with me when I go for long walks so I can make sure I’m getting the oxygen I need while I’m being physically active. It’s so nice to have the luxury of doing that now. The small size and long lasting battery make it a great concentrator.

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  2. Melina Y

    I use this while I’m sleeping too thanks to the pulse wave feature. I love how small it is and I can just put it over my shoulder. I’m thankful for this little oxygen concentrator.

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  3. Ben

    I’m really happy with this concentrator. I took it hiking with me, and the battery was able to keep going for the amount of time I needed to use my oxygen that day. A wonderful oxygen machine for people who need this amount

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  4. Ched

    This unit has changed my life!!!

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  5. bakerbarb or Babs

    I really got sick og carrying tanks and running out of “gas” before I could get home from a doctor’s appointment or shopping or anything that requires ME! What a day this has been. Thanks for “turning me on”. I’m back in the swing of things.

    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  6. Jonie

    My complaint is its to noisy. Definitely to loud to use in some places, such as church and other quite places. Appreciate that it is furnished by my insurance

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    Lifechoice ActivOx Pro 4L Portable Concentrator Review
    Lifechoice ActivOx Pro 4L Portable Concentrator Review


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