If you’ve been using oxygen for a while or were newly prescribed oxygen and are looking into your oxygen device alternatives, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Inogen One G4.

Inogen systems were the first portable oxygen concentrators to receive FAA approval; this was a groundbreaking and life-changing event in the oxygen therapy industry, and Inogen has continued to create creative and cutting-edge products for oxygen patients ever since.

In the treatment of respiratory disorders, reliable portable oxygen therapy is critical. Patients who lead active lives, such as climbing, traveling, or simply doing a lot of errands, want an oxygen concentrator that is sturdy, dependable, and compact. The Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a fantastic option. This is a perfect pick for any user because of the sleek design, simple-to-use interface, and bespoke battery setup. Let’s take a deep dive into the Inogen One G4’s features.

Features of the Inogen G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Making a list of the things that are most essential to you before choosing a portable oxygen concentrator is a great idea.

How high is the oxygen flow rate? If you’ll wish to use higher flow settings.
Can I travel with it?
Is it wearable?
Is the unit heavy?
How long does the battery last?

These are only a few of the features that most consumers search for. Keep these things in mind when you assess these features.


The Inogen One G4 concentrator has been “crowned” the lightest portable oxygen concentrator not just in the Inogen brand, but also on the global market, weighing in impressively at 2.8 pounds with a single battery – could fit into one’s palm even. It is also quite small, thin, and portable, measuring 7.2 inches tall, 5.91 inches thick, and 2.68 inches wide. It’s tiny enough to carry almost anywhere without putting your body under any physical pressure.


The most significant feature of your portable oxygen concentrator is its oxygen output (flow settings). Your oxygen device must be able to provide you with the amount of oxygen you require throughout the day and night. The flow of oxygen is expressed in liters or milliliters per minute.

The Inogen One G4 has three (3) different pulse flow settings for oxygen delivery. The Intelligent Delivery Technology is used by the unit to deliver oxygen in “pulses” when breathing in. These settings are usually prescribed by a doctor and should not be altered without first seeing your doctor. Unfortunately, the continuous flow setting is not available in this portable concentrator.


One of the most significant benefits of possessing a portable oxygen concentrator, in general, is having battery-powered oxygen equipment. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you peace of mind because you will have oxygen as long as your equipment is charged, and you won’t have to wait for your oxygen tanks to be replenished or replaced.

The One G4 works with two types of batteries – a single battery and a double battery. A single battery is for sure lighter than a double battery. As earlier mentioned, with a single battery, the unit weighs 2.8 pounds, but with a double battery, it weighs 3.3 pounds, which is still lighter than most portable oxygen concentrators. A single charge of the single battery could give you 2.25 hours, whilst that of the double battery gives 4.5 hours.

There are three charging options for these batteries:

1. AC power supply
2. DC power supply
3. External battery charger


The Inogen G4 has a noise level of about 40 decibels when working on a pulse dose setting of 2. This is a near-whisper level, just like a library. Hence it can be taken to both quiet and noisy places without attracting unwanted attention to yourself.


Oxygen concentrators draw in room air to provide patients with a concentrated dose of supplemental oxygen. In all settings, the Inogen One G4 achieves this with an oxygen content of 87-96 percent. This is relatively the same as other portable concentrators.


The Inogen One G4 is straightforward to operate, just like the other Inogen concentrators. An LCD screen and huge pushbuttons are included on the control panel.

In direct sunshine or the dark, the backlit LCD panel is easy to read. It shows you important information like your flow rate and also allows you to monitor battery life, as well as alert you if something is wrong with your concentrator. You won’t have to squint to see what it says because the text is large and easy to read.

Inogen Connect

The Inogen Connect mobile app makes use of Bluetooth technology to effortlessly report and monitor battery life, column life, and consumption. Because oxygen concentrators are such a large investment, the Inogen Connect app helps you to properly manage your system for optimal performance. If you’re generally highly active, knowing how much battery you have left and when it’s time to charge the concentrator might give you peace of mind.

Inogen Freedom Bundle

Inogen offers Freedom Bundles to let you live your life as normally as possible, whether or not you’re utilizing oxygen therapy. The Freedom Bundle is the greatest deal if you want to use your oxygen concentrator for a long time and want it to be portable and stationary. The G4 system has three distinct freedom bundles to pick from, each with a different number of batteries. An oxygen specialist can help you decide.

What Accessories would you get with the Inogen One G4?

Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Single Battery
AC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
Custom Carry bag
Shoulder Strap (Carry strap)
Particle Filter
User Manual

Add on accessories could be extra batteries and other oxygen accessories.

Is there a Warranty on the Inogen G4?

Yes, the portable oxygen concentrator comes with the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty.

FAA Approval?

Inogen has maintained an impressive consistency in making sure its portable oxygen concentrator models are FAA approved. The G4 is certainly not left behind in this. Traveling while on supplemental oxygen therapy has been made a thousand times easier and more comfortable.

Final Thoughts on the Inogen G4

Now just learning of the history of Inogen’s first portable oxygen concentrator, I’m in no doubt that they are on the road to touching the lives of all those in need of more oxygen in ways we haven’t seen before. Hence, I humbly recommended the Inogen One G4 portable oxygen concentrator for anyone in need of a light weight unit that can serve an active lifestyle.


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  1. High flow

    Have G2 and G3 both are great even if they are pluse flow but I have progressed to need 10 lpm when exerting.
    Help ! Get your engineers busy ! But keep it under 10 lbs?

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  2. Marco Polo

    This unit is great if you need 2L on pulse while mobile; easy to carry and quiet. Very warm as the exhaust is vented on both sides…so great in the winter, not so great around the house/office. Buying a lighter unit is great unless your situation gets worse, then you have to upgrade and upgrade again.

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  3. Barb

    I feel the air vents should be on the side not front & back it really do over heat shut itself down about 5 time on me over the past month My wish would be to have a cover that better fits around the waist . Back pack doesn’t allow sitting in auto on/off very inconvenient strap on shoulder cut into neck.

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  4. Gil

    I have been using this unit for 4 months now. I has not skipped a beat…. I bought the bigger battery but I have never even go close to using all of it.. I put it on charge when in my truck.. and on charge when home or in the office… I have gone 5 hours on a setting of 2 and still had 25% left.. I find it amazing how this little unit can do what it does and be so quiet at the same time.

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  5. Max

    Unit is great but the strap broke less than one year in service.

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  6. Larry Moody

    Great machine. I’ve had my G4 for a few days over one year. It travels with me on the plane, in my car and runs non stop while I sleep. It gets a lot of use. Two days ago it started to make a knock/vibration when on level 1 or 2. I called the customer hot line yesterday, mid PM, a lovely lady named Emily, listened to my problem, listened to the machine sound and assured me a replacement G4 would be sent to my home. Today UPS was at my door, early AM with a replacement, waited for my machine to be packed for return, to complete the transaction. WOW!! Did not expect over night. Great service. Thank You.

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  7. James Shelton

    I absolutely love my Inogen G4 concentrator in every way possible. I will be buying the Inogen GS-100 for home use very soon. Great on-line company to work with also…

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  8. BC

    Need setting to go up to at least a 4. Love the fact it is only 2 lbs.

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  9. Marcia McGee

    It has been a full month for me and my G – 4 , it has made my 16 stairs a lot lighter I also just bought the Oxy – View Glasses so as not to have the tubing across my face. I also want to say Thank You to Eric my sales rep he was great to work with.

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  10. Richard O`Molony

    After only 2 years, of very occasional use – intermittent use on air and car travel only – one of my double batteries is completely dead and will not charge. I have two Inogen One-g4 POCs and three double and a single battery, to ensure that in remote areas to which I travel, I have a back-up machine and batteries. I require supplementary oxygen at level 2, intermittently, for about 6-10 hours a day. I have a constant flow machine at home in the bedroom and only use the G4 – as required, away from home – car, plane, etc.

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  11. Marty

    The G-4 makes a noise that sounds exactly like popcorn popping. I was told by the customer service people that all G-4s make this sound. The tubing has a strong acrid odor which is unpleasant and smells very unhealthy and suspicious. There was no explanation offered for this problem.

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  12. Tom C

    I checked out another small concentrator from a different company. Twice the weight. This unit is small and works fine. Very happy with this unit.

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  13. Shirley H

    While I was changing the columns in my Inogen G4 I accidently changed the language on the display. After looking through all my material I could not find instructions for changing it back to English. I sent an email asking for detailed instructions & I am happy to say one of the girls (sorry I forgot her name) called me & told me step by step how to do it & stayed with me until I succeeded.

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  14. Jill

    Eric was very kind, patient, and knowledgeable about the concentrator.

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  15. Neal

    Excellent service and I love my light weight machine.

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  16. Sandra

    I received the G4 unit about 2 weeks ago. It arrived in 3 days as promised. I am very happy to be rid of bottles and already have service coming to pick them up. Keeping the rented large compactor for bedroom, but may buy a larger Inogen for that later. I am not worried about power outages because we have two excellent generators or can recharge the little G4 from cars also in that event. For me, it is working well on setting 2 and is all as advertised so far. Only time will tell if it continues to be reliable, but right now I love it.

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  17. L.S.

    I was extremely pleased with Jake’s knowledgeable, helpful and friendly service with the purchase of the Inogen G4 for my Mom. She was newly diagnosed with a need for oxygen, and I must say, the portable convenience and light weight of the G4 is perfect for her. Jake made sure we received everything in a timely manner, and made the process of purchasing this equipment easy. I definitely recommend The Oxygen Concentrator Store, and enjoyed working with Jake. With the Inogen G4, there is no need for cumbersome oxygen tanks. Truly, it is the only way to utilize oxygen!

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  18. Nanny

    The unit is fabulous, the carry case is not. I was hoping they would design a new one with 2 handles.

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  19. Gary Rowley

    Best experience ever with a supplemental oxygen source. I was looking for a replacement for Apria, Kaiser-Permanente’s supplier, and was bowled over by the professional, friendly and helpful staff at The Concentrator Store. I bought a Inogen G4 concentrator from Matthew Schock and it was a great experience. When I went in for a warranty service I was treated so well by the receptionist and service department that I couldn’t stop talking about it at dinner with friends. I won’t go anywhere else.

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  20. Jason

    Great service, package arrived on time. Only real complaint is the battery life, unit only comes with smaller battery doesn’t really last 2 hour’s as I was told. And with a 2,400.00 price tag honestly both size batteries should be included in the price of the unit. Not a almost 600.00 increase for a larger size battery.

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  21. Jessie

    Didn’t research a lot, just knew I was tired of the oxygen canisters. The oxygen concentrator has not only made my life easier but my 95 year old mother-in-law. She now has oxygen as she goes out of her room to visit others and eat her meals. Then when we venture out, our time is better spent together. When the machine is set up she only has to push the on/off button. TOOOO EASY!

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  22. Carol

    Initially i wanted to purchase a new concentrator, but my timeframe did not fit the availability of a new one. The associate found a refurbished unit in stock that could be shipped quickly and this also saved me dollars. I am very happy with the unit and appreciate the help in getting what I needed in the time frame i needed..

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