SeQual remains one of the top dogs in the manufacture of portable oxygen concentrators that satisfies both the lifestyle and oxygen therapy needs of deserving users. The Eclipse 5 is the newest addition to the popular Eclipse line of portable oxygen concentrators. The SeQual Eclipse was an early addition to the portable oxygen concentrator market, and it was the first concentrator to provide oxygen-dependent users with continuous flow in a portable machine. Eclipse was the chosen name when it was initially introduced, “because it outperforms all other battery-operated oxygen concentrators on the market today with its continuous flow feature,” according to Jim Bixby, Chairman and CEO of SeQual at the time.

Key Features of SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

SeQual had special tricks up their sleeves during the manufacture of the Eclipse 5. Some new features (not found in other portable oxygen concentrators) were added to the previous design. They include:

  • autoSAT technology: This proves particularly valuable in detecting changes and fluctuations in breathing. It automatically adjusts the volume of oxygen you receive, so no manual adjustments are required. In the pulse dose setting, if the Eclipse 5 does not detect a breath. The autoSAT technology will switch the device to continuous flow mode until a breath is detected. In addition, the Eclipse 5 oxygen concentrator gives an average oxygen purity of 90%.
  • Adjustable rise time: This allows you to adjust the rate at which pulse oxygen is provided in order to better match your breathing cycle – Fast, Medium, and Slow.
  • Adjustable Pulse Dose sensitivity settings.


Size and Weight

The Eclipse portable oxygen concentrator is sturdy but not overly large. It measures about 19.3 inches tall, 12.3 inches wide, and 7.1 inches deep with the battery in place.

Although the Eclipse 5 isn’t the lightest portable oxygen concentrator on the market (it weighs 15 pounds without the battery and cart, which add another 3.4 pounds), its size allows for the unit’s advanced technology and innovative features. Another advantage is that the moveable cart and telescoping handle make moving around much easier. The cart’s wheels are designed to tackle uneven terrain and turns. Its handle is strong, and it can simply slide into it when not in use making it more compact.

Flow Setting

Continuous Flow Settings (measured in LPM): 0.5 to 3.0 LPM (0.5 liter increments). Pulse Dose Settings (measured in mL): 16-96mL, 128mL, 160mL, 192mL.

Battery Life

With this unit, a single battery would get you 2 hours on continuous flow at 2 LPM or about 5.1 hours at a setting of 2 on pulse dose mode.

Noise level

With a noise level of 48 dBA at 3.0 LPM in continuous flow settings and 40 dBA at 3.0 pulse mode, the SeQual Eclipse 5 is a relatively quiet machine.

SeQual Eclipse 5 Design

The SeQual Eclipse 5 has a redesigned control panel that shows prescriptions in either LPM or mL for better accuracy. Use an AC power cord at home, a DC power chord on the road, and a battery pack when you don’t have access to a power source. If the external power source is lost, the internal battery will immediately take over.

Is this FAA Approved?

The SeQual Eclipse 5 is approved by the FAA, making it safe to be taken on flights. Its portability enables continuous traveling and adventures, even with a portable oxygen concentrator beside you.

What Accessories are Included in SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

The SeQual Eclipse 5 oxygen concentrator comes with the following:

  • A Power cartridge (battery)
  • AC and DC adapters
  • An accessory bag
  • A mobile carry cart with a telescoping handle
  • 5 nasal cannulas
  • User’s manual

Optional accessories may include:

  • A desktop charger
  • Protective weather cover
  • A wheelchair holder
  • A humidifier adapter kit
  • A deluxe travel case

So, from the look of things, CAIRE really put a lot of thought and planning into not just the design of the new and improved unit, but also profound considerations for almost any situation.

The CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 5 includes the aforementioned new and improved internal components that have obviously given it much better durability in comparison to its competitors. Importantly, it has full utilization of DC power in a car, according to Caire, the new manufacturer of the SeQual Eclipse. Its predecessor, the Eclipse 3 only allowed for a continuous flow of 2 LPM and could not charge the battery. The Eclipse 5 on the other hand works with all flow settings in a car, which in turn will charge the Eclipse’s battery, as long as the car has leftover power to send to it.

Control panel

The control panel of the SeQual Eclipse 5 features four buttons for its operations:

  • An on/off button is lit up in green when the unit is connected.
  • Two buttons to either increase or decrease the flow setting.
  • A delivery mode button to select either the continuous flow or pulse dose mode.

For other specifics in terms of color, an alert indicator flashes yellow for a medium priority alert, while a steady yellow light would indicate a low priority issue. If an issue should be addressed immediately (like low power or a system malfunction), the unit prompts you with an alarm indicator that lights up in red.

This panel also shows the current flow setting, battery level, and whether or not it is connected to an external power source.


With your provider’s directions, replace your cannula and tubing on a regular basis. Clean the air inlet filter with ward soap and water at least once a week. Before replacing the filter, let it air dry fully.

Ease of Use

The Caire SeQual Eclipse 5 is simple to use thanks to features like autoSAT technology which I earlier spoke about. To put it another way, no modifications are required to maintain a constant and controlled oxygen level.

How Much Does the SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable O2 Concentrator Cost?

The CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 5 is currently available for $2,500. This however changes by the day.

Final thoughts

The SeQual Eclipse 5 from CAIRE inc. is the most recent model in the Eclipse line, with improved dependability and the ability to charge the battery using DC power. You can receive oxygen from this portable oxygen concentrator whether it is powered by its battery or plugged into an external power source.

Overall, if the size and weight are not a concern, I would enthusiastically recommend the SeQual Eclipse 5 to people with higher oxygen requirements.


Videos: CAIRE SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Concentrator Review

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  1. Bebe

    I can’t really compare the Eclipse 5 to any other portable concentrator of my own experience, except for my old, bulkier one that isn’t in production anymore and I can’t find any parts for it. I’m really happy with this, though! The battery life is much better than my old one and it’s smaller and less of a hassle to pull along with me on the cart. The cart that I got through your store is also much slimmer and easier to handle when I need to sit down and make the handle disappear out of the way. My friends and family have mostly commented on how much quieter it is as well. I use 3 LPM of continuous flow, and on my old concentrator that was like hearing a mini jet taking off. That may be a bit of an exaggeration but it was much louder than this one! Thank you for this nice portable concentrator.”

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  2. Denny

    It’s nice that I’m able to use my old spare batteries and be able to use the new Eclipse model. I decided to get this one because it can safely charge and run in the car at the same time. This was a huge time saver for me when I went camping with my family. Just added some extra convenience, but it made a big difference.
    I didn’t need to worry about charging when we got to our destination and I had more time with my extra batteries. I might be imagining it but it seems like the flow is much more pure and stronger than my old Eclipse 2. I had a few batteries from it that I hadn’t used much, so there was still plenty of life in them and it’s saving me money for a while on buying more spares. The Eclipse line might be the best if only in my opinion.

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  3. Bill T

    I recommend this portable concentrator to anyone who can have their oxygen needs met by it of course, but also because it’s so discreet and works so well. Personally, I don’t mind carrying it on my back most of the time, but there are many times when I need to do a lot of walking and decide to use the cart. The cart is so smooth to use and surprisingly sturdy for how small and light it is. My little granddaughter calls it my little robot friend, I guess because it looks futuristic and it helps grandma breathe.

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  4. Nancy Jo Johnson

    I live in the Phoenix area and only need oxygen at night, but I travel frequently and having portable oxygen makes me, and my Cardilogist very happy!

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  5. Albert

    This unit is great!

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  6. Greg

    This machine is a much improved upgrade over the Sequal Eclipse 3.

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  7. Frank G.

    I can see how this concentrator might be perfect for anyone. Needless to say I’m happy with all the features. I have the humidifier and the extra batteries to go with it, and they make it even better.

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  8. Laura

    It meets my oxygen therapy needs with room to spare. I’ve gone everywhere with it, and it didn’t feel like a burden at all. It works great and charges up really fast, which is what I needed!

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  9. Jeremy

    Being able to safely charge and run it in the car makes my life a lot easier. I upgraded from the Eclipse 3 just for this reason. I drive a truck every day for a living, and now I can get my oxygen therapy on the road

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  10. Mitchell

    The Eclipse 5 is a wonderful oxygen concentrator. I used to use oxygen tanks and I’m so much happier now that I don’t have to worry about refilling my tanks. It’s really simple to just turn it on and go.

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  11. Jean

    I’m so happy with the Eclipse. I’ve gone on vacation with it, and I’m happy that this was even possible, and I had options for extra battery power. I think that if you are using a portable oxygen concentrator at all, extra batteries are a must.

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  12. Tinch

    Love the Eclipse 5 but in no way does the battery, and I have two of them, last 5 hours. Maybe at a very low setting like 1 it will last 45 minutes. Even with two batteries at a setting of two we can barely eat out at a restaurant before they are both dead.

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  13. Vikki

    This unit is great in that it offers both a pulse and a continuous flow of oxygen, up to 3 liters. The battery is very easy to replace. I have had the unit for more than a year and have had no technical problems. The issues I do have with this unit is that although 18.4 pounds may not sound heavy, after pulling this around for a bit it certainly does feel much heavier. Each time I come to curb or step I need to pick it up and lift it; not an easy task for someone short of breath to begin with. Another complaint I have is that the wheels do not swivel. There have been many times where I have had to pick the unit up to turn it facing a different direction. Also, the extending handle rattles continuously, making it even louder than it is to begin with. The volume is not too loud but the machine goes into all different types of sounds while it is running. I know they need to make some noise but this one is louder than any others I have compared with in other doctor’s offices. Getting into the car is awkward because of its size also. While the concentrator itself works very well, these issues I experience have bothered me enough to make me go to a smaller, over the shoulder concentrator. I will most likely lose the ability to have a continuous flow but at this point in my disease I can get along with just the pulse flow so I will be changing.

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  14. Larry

    The unit itself is great, although it is a bit bulky. The choice between pulse and continuous flow is truly useful.
    The cart needs help, though. It doesn’t handle rough ground well, can’t climb a typical curb without scraping, and cannot sit securely on a softer surface (like grass.). Also, the plastic wheels make it a noisy roller. A redesigned cart with better, sturdier materials, and 1″ larger wheels and rubber tires would make this unit close to perfect!

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  15. Steve

    This device is a very capable POC, and is a great match to my medical and lifestyle needs. I am thrilled with my regained mobility. Pulse and Continuous flows made this the ideal choice for me. I am thrilled.

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  16. Guest

    Jake was very helpful prior to and after purchasing our concentrator. We are satisfied with the Eclipse 5 thus fa, r but if we have any questions in the future, we would feel comfortable contacting Jake and feel he would be able to answer our questions we might have.

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  17. Patricia

    I was looking for a portable oxygen concentrator . I had rented a oxlife at one time . then my new insurance sent a simply go concentrator from another place that was dirty during the pandemic , that’s when I decided I wanted to buy a new one of my own .so I never have to worry about problems from unclean equipment . I found American medical I searched them on bbb found that they had some complaints but also noticed they take care of complaints after purchase . I found another company that had perfect reviews but after talking to them they wanted my card # before I had money in the bank to me that was high pressure so at that moment I made my decision to go with American medical the one I felt I could count on to work out the kinks if there were a problem ..I called Matt Schock at American Medical he was very knowledgeable. and talked to me about many different concentrators . I did my own research on some of the ones he mentioned and looked on YouTube to see what would suit me the best after about a week of no high pressure or calls from them I called Matt back to put my order in because i found the one I liked it is Sequal eclipse 5 . I received it yesterday and. I am overjoyed with it . It is exactly what I need for my situation out of all that I have tried I find this to be more like the oxygen I had while In The hospital . I thank you Matt if you are reading this for all of your help . This company can be trusted.

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  18. Carole

    They were very patient at explaining the differences in the models and which would work best with my wife. Concentrator works even better than expected giving us more time to get around and enjoy life.

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  19. Jim

    Have had the Eclipse 5 for about 3 months. When I bought it I was required to use continuous flow oxygen when eliminated all of the light weight units. The main issue for me was a 900 mile move was coming up and driving was the only option. The Eclipse 5 fit the bill perfectly, with its capability to charge while in use and being able to charge via the vehicle port. Started out at 3LPM and am now down to 1.5LPM. Planning to try to use puffer and see if I can maintain O2 level.

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  20. TERRI

    Your machine is working very well. Your service at time a sale was Good. Thanks for the help. Terri

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  21. Jerry Hill

    I was running out of options when I contacted Rex at the Oxygen Concentrator Store. My doctor prescribed an increase in my Oxygen to 3.0 LPM for nighttime use in association with sleep apnea.
    I wanted something small (portable) to sit next to the head of my bed; so it had to be relatively quiet to allow for sleep. I already had a couple of poor equipment purchases (and a return) that delayed my treatment.
    Rex worked to understand my needs, and in a few days I was enjoying the use of my new oxygen concentrator. I am pleased with this “quiet” device.

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  22. Virginia

    I was unsure what exactly I needed. Talked to Katie Yeadon and she walked me through my options. She sent an email with the specs on the ones I requested and I was able to make an informed decision. I am very happy with the Eclipse 5.

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  23. Suzanne

    Sales rep was extremely professional and promptly answered all questions and requests. Shipping was speedy. Great experience

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