CAIRE Companion 5 Review

CAIRE Inc. also known as CAIRE Medical is undoubtedly one of the world’s leading manufacturers of portable oxygen concentrators and other machines that supply oxygen. CAIRE products – portable, home, and hospital units are made with special technological components to help COPD patients and others on oxygen therapy around the world.

I never have any doubts about the ingenuity and thoughtfulness that CAIRE, a company of American origin, that has been developing oxygen delivery equipment for more than 50 years, has placed into its products and designs.

Unlike a portable oxygen concentrator, a home oxygen concentrator is mostly used at home. Here, you will find a detailed review of one of CAIRE’s home oxygen concentrator machines, the CAIRE Companion 5. It is well known for its portability (the thinnest stationary oxygen concentrator on the market), simple and strong design, low maintenance, and low power consumption. It has an oxygen concentration of almost 95.5%, which makes this an excellent choice for users living in high-altitude regions. I’m not done yet. There’s more, so let’s keep reading.

Users on oxygen therapy with concerns about mobility whilst at home would find this device really convenient to have around.


What are the Key Features of the CAIRE Companion 5 Oxygen Concentrator?

Making a list of the features that are essential to you before buying an oxygen concentrator is a great idea.

  • How heavy is it?
  • Can I move around with it?
  • What is its power consumption like?
  • Is it a continuous-flow oxygen concentrator?
  • And many others.

These are just a few things most individuals are worried about when searching for the right home oxygen concentrator. All the questions and lots more would be evaluated below.

The key features of this oxygen concentrator include:

  1. autoFLOW technology: This enables the device to reduce its power consumption by 20% with the help of a valve timing system that adjusts the valve cycle timing based on flow rate, and still maintains usage of less than 350 watts at its highest setting. At lower flow rates, it can also reduce operating temperatures, system pressures, sound levels, and component strain. This feature alone ranks Companion 5 among the home concentrators with the highest energy efficiency.
  2. ultraSILENT technology: It uses a special intake filter with a number of sound mufflers sandwiched together to help reduce and soften the noise level from the exhausts during use.



Other Features and Benefits:

Design and Appearance

The CAIRE Companion 5 is a simple at-home oxygen concentrator with a curved top and a dark grey exterior colour. You can easily move the unit throughout your house, whether you’re using it next to your living room sofa or your bed at night, thanks to the four strong and substantial wheels on the underside of the piece and the handle at the top.


Size, Weight, and Power

  • Weight: 36 pounds (16.3kg)
  • Dimension: It measures 12.5 inches wide, 13.5 inches deep, and 21.5 inches high.
  • Power: 60 Hz, 120 Volts

The CAIRE Companion 5 is a “lowkey” home oxygen concentrator due to its size and weight. It weighs only 36 pounds, which is quite light compared to other oxygen concentrators that can provide up to 5 LPM. It maintains a low energy profile for regular home use with approximately 285 watts of average power consumption.


Easy-to-use Control panel

This unit has a control panel located at the front right-hand side that is simple to use. It has a power switch that is used to turn the device on and off, green, yellow, and red LED lights, an hour meter that indicates how long the device has been in use, and a flow meter that is used to both control and display the oxygen flow rate. Just beside the control panel is a support stand for the humidifier bottle which is also easily accessible.

The flow rate is adjusted by turning a knob on the flow meter in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. By observing where the ball’s center is located in the meter, you can ascertain the current flow rate.

The LED lights are there to help you understand the state of the device at every given time.

  • Green indicates normal operation
  • Yellow indicates that there is a low oxygen concentration
  • When the unit displays a red LED light and makes a sound, there is a problem that needs to be fixed before you can use the device again. A solid red light and continuous noise mean that even though the unit is connected to a power outlet, there is no power supply. A blocked cannula may be the cause of a flashing red light and beeping that indicates that the flow rate is either too low or too high. All of these sound technical, but the user manual would always be available for revision when necessary.



The CAIRE Companion 5 is one the least maintenance-intensive oxygen concentrators on the market due to easy access to its air filters. Users will have to do less work with fewer filter changes. Isn’t that great?

At the bottom of the appliance is the air intake filter, which needs to be changed every two years or as needed. The HEPA filter (gross particle filter) is also inside the appliance and is replaceable as needed or at least every two years.


Sound level

The Caire Companion 5 has a noise level of 40 dBA, which holds up fine with other competitors with continuous flow oxygen delivery. The two-chamber muffler and intake filter work together to muffle intake noise.


Components of the CAIRE Companion 5 Oxygen concentrator

  • Power switch
  • Outer case
  • Hour meter
  • Flow meter
  • Outlet barb
  • Humidifier bottle
  • Humidifier support stand
  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • A filter that is easily accessible through the filter door
  • AC power cord
  • Nasal cannula


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a warranty?

Yes. It comes with the typical three years warranty.


Is it FAA-Approved?

No, it is not approved by the FAA for travel due to its larger size and it needs to be connected to a power supply for continuous use.


Final Thoughts

The CAIRE Companion 5 oxygen concentrator is without question a durable home unit to suit all your needs. It is suitable for individuals with higher oxygen demands and I would recommend this without blinking twice.

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  1. The Bass Family

    Our Customer Service/Sales Rep. was Nick Vannatta, and he was awesome. He was able to answer all of our questions, and gave us the confidence to make the purchase, through his detailed information sharing. He knew the product line, and the process, which was so accurate, that we had no worries at all, as to what to expect. We were excited about our purchase of the Caire Companion 5 concentrator. You know sometimes you make a purchase, then hang up the phone and think: “Oh no, I forgot to ask, or you think did I make the right choice?”, not with this company. We are happy to rate our experience six stars plus! Thank you!

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  2. Kenneth

    have only been using the Caire companion 5 for about a week seems to be doing fine so far, It ios a lot quieter than the previous concentrator that i was renting.

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  3. Gail

    Easy to work with and prompt service

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  4. Wayne

    They were a big help saved our vacation..

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  5. Joseph

    Professional salesman. He knew his product inside out. Product is performing just as he stated. Good price and the shipping was absolutely the best and fastest I’ve ever had with a product of this size. Thank you!

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  6. Larry

    Quick professional service, could not have been better. Worked extra hard to get me the parts for a splitter so two is us can get supplemental O2 at the same time

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  7. Jordan Wells

    I am very impressed and thankful for the professionalism of Matthew Schock and Oxygen Concentrator Store. Their website chat system was very effective and fast to respond. Matthew was very knowledgeable, respectful, helpful and professional. He worked to answer all my questions and made recommendations that were very good. He worked to through email and phone to assist me in connecting with a doctor for the medical device prescription. He personally insured my device order was processed and shipped. I highly recommend this company and Matthew Schock.
    Thank you Matthew for your professionalism and concern for myself and my wife.

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  8. Michael

    Went to Oxygen Concentrator Store on Thursday to preview concentrator options. On Monday, Store was closed due to Covid-19 outbreak.No problem. Oxygen consultant called, and asked what I needed to do. I had intended to pick up an O2 concentrator. She had the one I selected shipped to my home that day! Great machine (Caires 5); quiet and efficient. I sleep with it near the head of my bed.

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  9. Happy Customers from Maryland

    Caring, Professional customer service.
    We were never pressured to purchased. Shopped around came back and we had an excellent experience.
    Shipment came in 2days later. Keep up the Great work.

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  10. Freddie

    The oxygen concentrator store did a very good job and my wife and I thank you very much.

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  11. Gary

    I appreciated their willingness to get my prescription from my main doctor and me not have to find it. I needed it in a day and they allowed that to happen.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  12. Robert

    My experience with the OCS was very good. My questions were answered promptly and the purchase was seamless. I ended up buying the Claire Companion 5. It’s louder then I thought it would be by the decibel rating but equal too or less then 4 other brands/ models I’ve used. Overall performance is good.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  13. Grayconservative

    Had to purchase a home concentrator ASAP. After dealing with numerous DME suppliers in my area, I went to the internet out of frustration. Couldn’t have been more surprised/pleased by the staff, brand of compressors, and low prices. Service is second to none. Received compressor in a couple days! Recommended them to family and friends. Most impressive to me was the patience demonstrated and the degree of education provided.
    Glad to know there are businesses still operating with integrity and customer centric focus!

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  14. Lisarenk

    It works great just throws off alot of heat. I’m on oxygen 24/7. So the machine is running all the time. I bought 2 brand new the end of June 2022. So far so good!

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  15. customer

    I am very pleased thusfar on the operation of my new Companion5. It was sent as notified by Ty Neate. He was very helpful with questions I had and setting up the delivery! Thank you very much!!

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  16. Terri

    I am so glad I worked with Hanna with the Oxygen Concentrator Store- from American Medical Sales & Rentals. Her bubbly personality and professionalism made this transaction easy! I knew what I wanted to buy, I filled out the “contact us form” online, within 30 minutes I received a phone call from Hanna. She listened to my needs, gave me options and then offered me a Caire Companion5 Home oxygen concentrator. I also needed an additional battery for our Caire Freestyle Comfort portable concentrator, she suggested a desktop battery charger – and she explained how everything worked and their warranties. There was no pressure on the upgrade. She was polite and patient, and courteous throughout. She walked me through the process, guiding and giving me pointers. Thank You for being there for me. Received my items a few days later. Items was carefully and securely packed. All items work and are quiet!

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  17. Debra

    Ben was great with helping me get this machine. This is the 1st time I have used the Caire Companion 5 and I really like it. It is a quieter machine than what I had before. Only wish the filter was in an easier place to get to.

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  18. JACK


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  19. Carol

    our previous sales person Mars was able to point us to the right portable machine previously. We needed another machine to connect to the cpap machine. He sent the right connector and it works great. It was delivered in 2 days.

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  20. Jim

    I am a repeat customer. I have always been treated so well and the product is amazing. The staff if wonderful.

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    CAIRE Companion 5 Home Concentrator Review
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