CAIRE Airsep Newlife Intensity 10 Home Concentrator Review

Some may wonder why their physician prescribed oxygen for them. A wide range of heart, lung and other respiratory conditions affect a large number of people. More than you know even. Many of these individuals can benefit from supplementary oxygen therapy to perform basically every daily activity in their lives.

We breathe a gas called oxygen, which makes up 21% of the air in a room. For optimum operation, our bodies require a constant supply of this gas. For this reason, your physician or respiratory specialist has recommended therapeutic oxygen at a specific flow rate to help you breathe comfortably with your condition. Even though oxygen is a drug-free substance, unrecognized oxygen therapy can be harmful. Before using any oxygen concentrator, be it a portable oxygen concentrator or stationary oxygen concentrator, please consult a doctor.

An oxygen concentrator helps filter pure oxygen from nitrogen in the air using a special absorbent material called a molecular sieve. This way, the user is sure to maintain adequate oxygen concentration levels. The CAIRE Airsep Newlife Intensity 10 is a reliable home oxygen concentrator built to produce between 2 to 10 LPM of high-pressure and high-flow oxygen. In addition to its flow settings, this device could simultaneously administer humidified oxygen to multiple intubated patients in a small local hospital. Oxygen concentrators are made with so many features. Let’s learn those for the Airsep Newlife Intensity 10.


What Features does the Airsep Newlife Intensity 10 have?

Exterior Specifications

Like most competing home oxygen concentrators, the unit is quite bulky. It measures 27.5 inches high, 16.5 inches wide and 14.5 inches deep, with a weight of 58 pounds (26.3kg). It is designed with handles at the sides and top to make movement easier. And it could also come with an optional oxygen monitor. More about the monitor would be discussed below.


Flow Settings

We have already established that the Airsep Newlife Intensity 10 produces up to 10 LPM of high flow oxygen, but it is also important to know that this produces it as continuous flow oxygen ie once powered on, there would be a constant flow of oxygen if the device is operating normally.

The Intensity 10 has an oxygen outlet pressure of 20psi (138kPA). This is said to be three times higher than its competitors. This is a very good thing if we set the tech gibberish aside!


Safety measures and Oxygen Monitor

Regardless of how good something might be, safety always comes first. The manufacturers of this oxygen concentrator built in a few key safety features to ensure the device cause no harm to you and serves you as long as necessary. They include the following:

  1. Compressor motor: A special valve is fastened to the compressor outlet. A thermal safety switch causes the compressor to shut down in the event of a thermal hazard.
  2. Indicator lights and audible alarms have been built into the device to alert you when there is an obstruction in the oxygen flow through any tubing, high and low pressure, high temperature and power failure.
  3. Oxygen monitor: This would help you verify concentration levels per time. In a situation where the oxygen concentration levels drop below 82%, the low oxygen warning yellow light would alert you. If the levels drop to about 70% or remain low for 15 minutes, an audible alarm would go off.
  4. Product filter


Noise Level

The Airsep Newlife 10 produces a sound of 55 decibels on a flow setting of 10 LPM.


Oxygen Purity

This high-flow oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen concentration at about 93% purity.


Power consumption

On average, Intensity 10 consumes about 590 watts of energy whilst at optimum operation. But when being used in hospitals with dual flow, it works with reduced power consumption.


What Components and Accessories come with the Airsep Newlife Intensity 10?

Other components and features that have not been mentioned above may include:

  1. The option of single and dual flow
  2. Low flowmeter blocks for pediatric patients and others who require lower settings.
  3. Optional nebulizer treatments air outlet


Standard accessories that are used with the Airsep Newlife Intensity 10 include the following:

  1. Nasal cannula
  2. Oxygen outlet adapter
  3. Face mask
  4. Oxygen tubing
  5. Humidifier bottle
  6. Humidifier adapter extension


How do I Operate the Unit?

  1. Place the device in the place where you spend the most time close to an electrical outlet.
  2. Make sure the unit is positioned at least 12 inches (30.5 cm) away from any walls or other obstructions on all sides. Avoid putting the unit in a small space, close to drapes or anything that produces heat.
  3. Rotate the device so that the controls are easily accessible and the air intake on the rear of the device is not blocked.
  4. Attach the oxygen accessories to the oxygen outlet, such as a humidifier (if necessary), nasal cannula, face mask, catheter, and/or extension tubing.
  5. Fully untangle the electrical cord.
  6. Plug the power cord into the electric outlet.
  7. Find the power switch, and turn it to the position (on).
  8. Adjust the flowmeter knob to the required LPM. And you’re good to go!



For your device to work properly and also last long, it should be well taken care of. Be sure to turn off the unit and disconnect it from the electric outlet before any form of cleaning or disinfection. The manufacturers have instructed not to spray the outer casing directly, but onto a damp cloth first before wiping it down.

The gross particle filter located at the back of the unit should be washed in warm water and soap and rinsed to remove excess debris at least once a week. Please ensure it is completely dry before reinsertion.

Replacement of cannulas is at the discretion of your specialist or the recommendation of the manufacturer.


Is there a Warranty?

Yes, it does have a manufacturer’s warranty of three years.


Final Thoughts

This Airsep Newlife Intensity 10 oxygen concentrator is an excellent choice for patients who require high-flow oxygen therapy. I would strongly recommend it.

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    I have been using the airsep home concentrator since 2008 without any mechanical trouble. I must inform all COPD patients to use this home oxygen concentrator. I recommended this device to many people who are suffering from COPD.
    Kaiser Mahboob Ahmed

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  2. Twhittaker

    Great Service and follow up to ordering supplies.

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  3. Richard

    Nice people to work with. they are knowledgeable with the equipment they sell.

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  4. Steve

    We have purchased two private pay oxygen concentrators from the Oxygen Concentrator Store in the last four months: a portable oxygen concentrator for our vehicle and a stationary oxygen concentrator for our home. Both purchases happened without any problems and were each delivered within two or three days from the time we ordered them.
    I feel it’s worth mentioning that the second purchase, the stationary oxygen concentrator, arrived defective out of the box. Having worked in the electronics and computer world for most of my life, I know that can happen even with new equipment.
    The next morning I called their support number and spoke with a technician who, within minutes, diagnosed the oxygen concentrator with a problem requiring it to be returned. I was told that as soon as they received my returned concentrator another new one would be shipped out immediately. I was given an RMA number and sent an email with a prepaid UPS shipping label. I re-boxed the defective concentrator that day, slap the return label on it, and took it to the local UPS shipping store.
    Three days later, the defective concentrator arrived at the Oxygen Concentrator Store in Colorado and a new replacement was shipped out the same day. I received the replacement three days later and it was in fact another brand-new concentrator that has been working perfectly ever since. So no problems there.
    Despite the return and replacement, my wife and I couldn’t be happier with both purchases. We would like to single out the oxygen sales rep Mars Batton for his excellent assistance with both purchases. Unfortunately, I did not catch the name of the service technician that took care of the returned stationary concentrator. He was also very helpful and knew his stuff.
    I don’t think we’ll need any more private pay oxygen concentrators for a while, but if we do you can bet we will be calling Mars Batton whose number is in my cell phone.

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  5. Gwladys

    Order a new home oxygen concentrator. Process was simple, and sales rep was polite and fast. Fast shipping. I highly recommend this company for oxygen equipment needs.

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  6. Dennis

    Totally impressed with the service, felt price was good, speed of delivery was unbelievably fast. Jake has been very helpful, love the personalized service. This company stands by its product, sent off a device for service, replaced and got the unit back in a fortnight.

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  7. Joanna

    I recently purchased the Caire Airsep Newlife Intensity 10 Home Concentrator and if you are looking for a very quiet, very sturdy and easy to move around concentrator, this could be perfect for you too. This isn’t my first purchase, but if you desire a company with 100% percent customer service needs, be sure to work with American Medical Sales and Rentals.

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    CAIRE AirSep Newlife Intensity 10 Home Concentrator Review
    CAIRE AirSep Newlife Intensity 10 Home Concentrator Review
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