AirSep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator Review

Since the middle of the 1970s, oxygen concentrators have been around. It developed into the most dependable and practical source of supplemental oxygen on the market right now. Do you enjoy lugging around those hefty, weighty oxygen tanks that are used in industry all day long? Oxygen patients can get frustrated with their oxygen therapy simply by having their mobility and travel options limited. This may be the reason you’ve started looking for a better, more user-friendly oxygen treatment that enables you to do what you want when you want.

A happier, healthier, and more active lifestyle is just a click away with the AirSep Focus portable oxygen concentrator. This device combines oxygen-saving technology and one of the most advanced oxygen concentrator technology to make the lightest portable oxygen concentrator.

When it comes to oxygen concentrators, AirSep is one of the most well-known manufacturers. Many oxygen concentrators, including the AirSep Focus, have shaken the market, providing patients on medical grade oxygen with dependable, high-quality oxygen equipment that they may use for years to come. AirSep is also among the most creative businesses in the industry, constantly seeking methods to improve the portability, dependability, and effectiveness of their oxygen concentrators.

This AirSep focus portable concentrator review would explore the features of this unit in detail. I believe after this you would opt for this portable oxygen machine.


Features of the AirSep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The features built into a product are what make it unique. So, what make the AirSep focus different from its competitors?


Size, Weight, and Design

An unarguable crown that has been bestowed on this oxygen unit is that of the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator on the global market. The device itself weighs just 1.75 pounds! Isn’t that amazing? With an external battery weighing 0.5 pounds and an optional battery belt at 800g, you would still have approximately 4 pounds.

As the smallest portable oxygen concentrator, it can perfectly fit into one’s palm. It measures 6.4 high, 4.8 wide, and 2.5 deep, small enough to fit into one’s purse. In addition to its tiny nature, this ingenious device is the best travel companion. With a simple shoulder strap, your unit would always be close to you and the hassle of dragging out an oxygen concentrator or even carrying about a heavier portable oxygen concentrator would be taken away.


Battery Life

The AirSep focus oxygen concentrator comes with two external batteries and no internal battery. Each external battery lasts 1.5 hours, which means got could last 3 hours in total. These batteries are carried separately from the unit i.e attached to the waist or hips, whichever is more convenient. To make this easier, a battery belt with pockets could be provided.

A built-in charge indicator on the battery shows how much of the battery is charged. The battery status of the device is indicated by the 4 LEDs flashing in 25% increments. Even when the product is powered by AC/DC, the battery will continue to charge.

If you want more battery backup, you can get an AirBelt. You may receive an additional 4 hours of battery life from it, for a total of 4 hours (3 hours of 2 micro batteries plus the 4 hours of battery belt).


Flow Rate

Not many portable oxygen concentrators have the pulse flow setting. Fortunately, the AirSep focus is one of them. It offers a pulse flow rate of 2, which is equivalent to 2 liters per minute. This is a low number for many oxygen patients. However, given its tiny size and incredible lightness, that is to be expected. There will be restrictions attached.

It is more appropriate for those who require little oxygen demand. Keep in mind that the device only offers pulse dosage adjustments i.e it only releases oxygen when the patient inhales. As a result, you cannot use it with CPAP or BiPAP devices.


Power Sources and Power consumption

The AirSep Focus portable oxygen concentrator has four main power sources. This include:

  1. Rechargeable external batteries
  2. DC power supply (including car charger)
  3. AC power supply: The unit can also be used via any universal power supply without the battery.
  4. Airbelt (optional battery belt)

It uses about 65 to 85 watts but rises to 75 to 90 watts when being used while charging.


Oxygen Output

In the operating range, the AirSep Focus unit produces an oxygen concentration of 90% i.e 87 to 95.5%. Because this device has only one pulse flow setting, AirSep Focus has a low maximum oxygen output of 330 ml/min, making it ideal for oxygen users with low oxygen needs.



The basic settings on the Airsep focus portable oxygen concentrator make it easy to use and operate. You won’t need to change any settings. It only features an on/off switch, LED lights to show the pulse flow and an alert.

This device features alarms that normally show when something is wrong with it. The amber alarm light and continuous alarm sound are activated when the portable oxygen concentrator has not detected breathing for the last 15 minutes. Other prompts are from low batteries, disconnected cannulas and exceeding capacity alarms.


Sound Level

The maximum sound output of the AirSep Focus is 41 decibels. That sounds like the low, silent hum of a refrigerator, which is perfect for use while traveling and outdoors because of how quietly it operates.


Accessories available for the AirSep Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator

  1. Two external batteries
  2. AC/DC power cords
  3. AC/DC universal power supply
  4. Shoulder strap
  5. Battery case
  6. Nasal cannulas
  7. Carrying case
  8. Accessory bag



This unit has been approved by the FAA for onboard travel use. For oxygen patients, it facilitates hassle-free travel. It guarantees that you won’t go a minute without pure oxygen and offers four power source alternatives. If you travel by vehicle, plane, or ship, you can bring this device with you. It is undoubtedly a fantastic travel buddy for your cross-country or out-of-town road trip.



It offers a 3-year warranty.



The AirSep Focus POC as we have established is the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator with pulse flow settings on the global market today. For one with low oxygen needs and an active lifestyle, I strongly recommend this unit.

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  1. Craig

    I have had this machine for a few weeks and I love it. Its the best portable concentrator I have had.

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  2. Claris

    Really makes me feel free. It gives me the freedom to be mobile

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  3. Debby

    Other than the fact that this concentrator takes 2 minutes to warm up and I don’t like waiting, this is a wonderful little machine. It suits my needs and it’s nice to have such a little and light concentrator for those who don’t need a high dose of oxygen at a time.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  4. Anne J.

    Great for a plain and tiny model. I only need the setting of 2, which is the highest this goes. For a 2 lb oxygen concentrator you can’t expect more than that!

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  5. Fran D.

    This machine has little to no backup capacity because of its size. If you find yourself needing more oxygen because you are being more active than usual, check your blood oxygen to make sure it is meeting your needs.

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  6. Joseph J.

    I’m glad the Focus comes with 2 batteries, since each one only lasts 1.5 hours. Not bad for me though, since I only need to use my oxygen for a few hours out of the day. It really depends on your needs.

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  7. Rhonda Q.

    The smallness of this concentrator is the best thing about it. It’s also really quiet and I don’t feel like I have a big bulky machine on my back, which is what I pictured a concentrator to be. I’m happy with it.

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  8. Jeremy V.

    2 Lbs is insanely light for a concentrator. I’m impressed that it can even put out a setting of 2 on pulse dose. Thankfully that’s all I need.

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  9. Jordan F.

    I’ve used the Freestyle before getting the Focus, and I AirSep seems to know what they are doing with tiny oxygen concentrators. I’m happy with this one and got it because it was even smaller and still meets my oxygen requirements.

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  10. Phyllis D.

    I was so excited when my Focus arrived. No more refilling tanks and no one stares at it when I go to all the parties and places I like to go. The little bag doesn’t weigh down the back of my wheelchair.

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  11. Chad B.

    I like that the shoulder straps let me wear it behind my back without worrying that I’ll run into things with it. Wonderful little addition to the package. Two batteries with it is also a nice touch.

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  12. Ingrid L.

    This isn’t for people who want to do long distance traveling from one power source to another. I had to pass on this one for another model with a battery that lasted longer, but wasn’t much heavier. Nice for those going short distances or close to a power source at all times.

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  13. Biff J.

    I like how no frills it is, as well as how small it is. The carry bag is cool because I can also just wear it around my waist. It works just fine for me!

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  14. Robert N

    I like it because of the size and it fits just fine in my saddle bags on my motorcycle.

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  15. Robert N

    I take mine to the movies and it is so quite no one knows it’s there.

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  16. Gavin

    The midget AirSep is especially excellent usable for osteoporosis COPD patients. The only possible drawback is the higher price.

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  17. Will S.

    I take my Focus with me everywhere. Very easy to wear a loose jacket and cover it, but without keeping the oxygen from getting to it. I went skiing while using it!

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  18. Arnold

    So glad I can use a portable oxygen concentrator this small! It still meets my oxygen needs and for that I’m grateful. I hope I get to use it for many years to come.

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  19. Shelly S

    I’m happy with my Focus because it’s small and quiet. I work in a call center, and it doesn’t bother anyone at all. I have the freedom of getting my oxygen therapy at work, as well as out and about.

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  20. Suzanne

    I actually enjoy using this, after having to use tanks for the last 3 years. My doctor said I should it because it is something much smaller and easier to maintain, especially since it doesn’t need refilled. I use the supplemental battery pack and it adds a lot more freedom.

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  21. John Hall

    I have used the Focus for over a year now! It is great because of it’s small size and weight! I fly a lot and the only trouble is when I fall asleep and sometimes when sleeping I start breathing through my mouth and after a few minutes the alarm will go off and the cabin working people go crazy trying to wake you to shut it off!

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