How To Clean Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen therapy is a medical treatment that’s used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including asthma, heart failure, and cystic fibrosis.

Known as supplemental oxygen, this treatment provides patients with sufficient oxygen, thus helping them to breathe properly.

If you use oxygen therapy equipment, you must take care of this equipment. Namely, you must thoroughly clean the oxygen tubing. Not only will this ensure that the device is hygienic, but it will promote proper usage.

The good news is that this guide will teach you to correctly clean the oxygen tubing, as well as the other essential parts of this equipment.

How To Clean Oxygen Tubing

Regardless of what type of equipment you are using, whether that be oxygen gas or liquid oxygen, you will notice a piece of tubing. This tubing is essential to the working of the device, as it connects the tank to the mask.

It will be difficult to clean the internal part of the tubing. However, it can’t hurt to occasionally clean the exterior to remove dust.

When it comes to caring for the tubing, it’s advised that you replace the tube frequently.

Specifically, you should aim to replace it roughly every six to twelve months. Of course, if the tubing is working well and appears to be clean, there’s little point in replacing it.

It’s also essential that you regularly inspect the tubing for tears or any other form of damage in the rubbing. If you notice any damage, you should replace the tubing immediately.

Otherwise, the device could stop working. Damage occurs quite easily, especially if you live in a home with kids or pets.

If your tubing is particularly dirty and you wish to clean it, you can do so by using soapy water. But the truth is that the best way of keeping it clean is to simply replace the tubing regularly.

Why Do You Need To Clean Oxygen Equipment?

It’s essential that you take care of your oxygen equipment. The reason for this is that cleaning will lower the risk of infections.

In addition, clean oxygen equipment will work correctly, thus ensuring that you receive the correct amount of oxygen.

To take good care of your equipment, you should clean it habitually and regularly check for any signs of damage.

Though it can be a little time-consuming to regularly clean and look after your equipment, it can be worth it if you want to benefit fully from this machine.

Cleaning Tips For Oxygen Therapy Equipment

How To Clean Oxygen Tubing

Now that you know a little more about cleaning and caring for your oxygen tubing, you might be wondering how you can keep the rest of your equipment clean. Our top tips will keep your oxygen equipment looking as good as new:

Mask/Nasal Cannula

The mask or nasal cannula should be washed roughly once a week. The nasal cannula should also be routinely replaced.

We recommend changing the cannula about once a month. The exterior of the cannula should be cleaned daily, especially toward the tips.

Meanwhile, the mask can be cleansed in warm soapy water. A diluted white vinegar cleaning solution can also be an effective way of cleaning the mask.

If either of these items starts to become blocked by mucus, you must wash it. This is often a sign that you need to increase how frequently you’re washing the device.

After all, this mucus could prevent the proper working of your oxygen equipment.

Allow your mask or cannula to dry fully before you begin using it again.


Filters have the important role of trapping contaminants that could penetrate the system. This will stop these contaminants from affecting the patient and the device itself.

The filter of the concentrator is designed to be washed every few days or roughly twice a week. This will help to prevent the buildup of potentially harmful contaminants.

Luckily, the filter is super simple to wash. All you have to do is clean the filter under warm running water. You can also use a vacuum to remove all of the dirt that has built up.

Once clean, you should dry the filter before returning it to your equipment.


Lastly, the humidifier is an essential part of your equipment which ensures that patients receive the oxygen that they need. The exact cleaning method will depend on what type of oxygen humidifier you’re using.

Generally, you can clean the humidifier bottle by using hot water. You may even want to add a little soap or white vinegar to the mix to fend off bacteria.

You will need to dry the humidifier bottle fully before you can fill it with distilled water.

Once you’ve done this, the bottle can be returned to the equipment, though you should ensure that the lid is securely closed.

If the humidifier is broken, it must be replaced immediately. After all, the equipment will not work properly without this crucial element.

Safety Tips For Using Oxygen Devices

To ensure that you are safely using your oxygen equipment, you should follow these top tips:

  • Check the prongs each day.
  • Let your friends and family know that you are using oxygen equipment, as this could be important in an emergency.
  • Never have an open flame in the same room as your oxygen equipment.
  • Ensure that the tubing is conveniently placed so that you don’t trip over it.
  • Obtain oxygen equipment from trustworthy sources, such as the Portable Oxygen Depot or 1st Class Medical.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Get The Smell Out Of Oxygen Tubing?

If your oxygen tubing has developed a nasty smell, we advise washing it in warm soapy water.

Why Does Oxygen Tubing Turn Brown?

You may have noticed that your oxygen tubing has developed a brown hue. This is due to a chemical reaction.

Final Thoughts

If you have a medical condition that requires the use of oxygen therapy, you must take good care of your equipment.

This will ensure the longevity and proper running of your device. With the help of this guide, you can ensure that your oxygen tubing is in top-notch condition!

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