How To Clean EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator Filter

Air is constantly passing through the EverFlo oxygen concentrator, and with it comes dust, dirt, and other particles.

A filter is used to trap these unwanted additions inside the machine, so you can breathe fresh, clean air.

But what do you do when the filter starts to get clogged up? The intake filter of the EverFlo oxygen concentrator should have a long lifespan, but eventually, it will need to be replaced.

The filter shouldn’t be cleaned, as this can damage performance.

Find out more about keeping your EverFlo oxygen concentrator running smoothly and efficiently here. 

What Does The EverFlo Concentrator Filter Do?

The filter is an important part of any oxygen concentrator.

It screens the air as it passes through the device, helping to remove the dust and particles from the air, so you can breathe easily.

The filters ensure that the air passing through the concentrator is less likely to cause irritation.

EverFlo oxygen concentrators have multiple filters, removing everything from dust particles to bacteria. 

Types EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator Filters

In most EverFlo oxygen concentrators, there are two filters. The internal filler is a bacteria filter, and it should last a lifetime.

Essentially, as long as the same patient is using the oxygen concentrator, the interior filter won’t need to be changed. You should never try to remove this filter.

The second filter is the intake HEPA filter. This is a high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter, which forces air through a very fine mesh.

As the air passes through the mesh, the filter can remove the dust and harmful particles.

This filter is found in a plastic casing, typically on the side or back of the oxygen concentrator. It can be accessed and removed.

The HEPA filter shouldn’t be cleaned, as it can damage the mesh.

If the filter is cleaned incorrectly, it can become blocked, affecting the quality of the air you breathe. Instead of cleaning the filter, it should be replaced.

Some EverFlo oxygen concentrators also come with an accessory foam filter. This is attached to the rear of the oxygen concentrator, and it can be purchased separately.

This foam filter cleans the air that passes into the cooling unit of the concentrator, preventing it from getting blocked, and the concentrator from overheating.

The foam cabinet is the only filter in the EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator that can be cleaned, and it should be cleaned weekly.

How To Clean The EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator Filter

The first thing to note is that although there are potentially three filters in your EverFlo oxygen concentrator, only one of them should be cleaned.

This is the foam filter, which is found in a plastic cabinet at the rear of the machine.

The internal bacteria filter should never be cleaned, and it should only be removed if the filter is passed to a new patient. This is a lifetime filter.

The intake HEPA filter must be removed and replaced periodically, but it shouldn’t be cleaned. If it is beginning to look dirty or clogged, the filter needs to be replaced.

The foam filter, which can be bought as an additional attachment, should be cleaned.

This captures the air that is used to cool the internal components of the oxygen concentrator, so it can get clogged quickly.

How To Clean The EverFlo Foam Cabinet Filter

The EverFlo Foam Cabinet Filter will collect dirt, dust, lint, and hair as it cleans the air that passes into the cooling unit. To clean your foam filter:

  1. Remove the foam filter from the plastic casing at the back of the oxygen concentrator.
  2. Rinse the foam filter thoroughly using clean water. Avoid handling the foam too much as you clean it.
  3. Leave the foam filter to air dry completely.
  4. When the filter is completely dry, put it back in the casing, and attach to the oxygen concentrator.
  5. The foam filter should be cleaned roughly once a week.

The foam cabinet filter can be cleaned frequently, as it starts to collect dust and other particles.

However, you will also need to replace the foam filter. Replace the film filter annually, when you replace the intake HEPA filter. 

How Often Should You Change The EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator Filter?

It’s important to perform regular maintenance on an oxygen concentrator, to ensure it is still providing a safe performance.

Part of this maintenance is replacing the HEPA filter inside the oxygen concentrator.

The intake HEPA filter should be replaced roughly once a year, although check the specifications of your model.

The old filter can be disposed of with household waste. Between replacements, you should avoid touching or disturbing the HEPA filter as much as possible.

If the filter is handled incorrectly, it can affect its ability to clean the air.

If you have a foam filter for your oxygen concentrator, it’s worth replacing it at the same time you change the HEPA filter. This will help the machine to work at maximum efficiency.

The interior bacteria filter shouldn’t be replaced, unless the oxygen concentrator is moving to a new patient.

How To Replace The Intake Filter

The intake filter is typically found on the back of the oxygen concentrator. It is behind a filter cover door. To replace the intake HEPA filter:

  1. Turn the oxygen concentrator off, and unplug it.
  2. Use a screwdriver or a quarter to open the filter cover and lift it.
  3. Remove the intake filter. This can be disposed of in household waste.
  4. Carefully insert the new filter, ensuring it is locked in place.
  5. Close the filter cover panel.

You can now start running your oxygen concentrator again. You should never use the concentrator without an intake filter in place.

Cleaning Your EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator

Although the main filters of the oxygen concentrator shouldn’t be cleaned, it is important to clean the oxygen concentrator itself.

Before cleaning, the oxygen concentrator needs to be powered down and unplugged. Clean the machine with a damp cloth and a mild household cleaner, and wipe dry.

Final Thoughts

The intake filters of the EverFlo oxygen concentrator should be replaced, but it can’t be cleaned.

The only filter that can be cleaned on an EverFlo oxygen concentrator is the foam cabinet filter.

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