Difference Between Inogen G4 Battery Model BA-400 vs BA-408: Comprehensive Comparison

When considering portable oxygen concentrator options, Inogen One G4 models stand out due to their lightweight, compact design and battery flexibility. The Inogen G4 offers two battery models: the BA-400 and the BA-408. These battery models are designed to cater to varying needs and lifestyles, providing users with the independence to move around without being tethered to stationary oxygen sources. The BA-400, also known as the 4 Cell (Single) battery, and the BA-408, known as the 8 Cell (Double) battery, differ in both size and battery life, impacting the device’s portability and usage duration.

The Inogen G4 battery model BA400 is smaller and lighter than the BA408. The BA400 has a sleek design with a smooth surface, while the BA408 has a more rugged appearance with textured edges

Choosing the right battery for an Inogen One G4 significantly affects the user’s experience. The BA-400 battery is lighter and intended for shorter durations away from a power source, offering up to two hours of use. On the other hand, the BA-408 battery provides extended mobility with up to four to six hours of battery life, depending on the flow setting, making it ideal for longer outings or travels. Both batteries can be charged using the Inogen One G4’s AC or DC power supplies or with an external battery charger, ensuring flexibility in keeping the device powered.

Key Takeaways

  • The BA-400 and BA-408 are batteries for the Inogen One G4, differing in size and battery life.
  • The BA-400 offers around two hours of use, whereas the BA-408 provides up to four to six hours, depending on usage.
  • Both batteries are chargeable with both AC and DC power supplies, as well as an external charger for user convenience.

Product Overview

The Inogen One G4, recognized for its compact and lightweight design, is a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) from the well-established manufacturer, Inogen. This device is engineered to enhance the mobility and independence of individuals who require supplemental oxygen.

Model BA-400 is a single lithium-ion battery variant suitable for shorter durations. It is described as lasting up to 3 hours at a flow setting of 2 and has an approximate recharge time with AC or DC power of 3 hours.

Model BA-408, on the other hand, is a higher capacity double battery offering extended use. When fully charged, it provides approximately 4 hours of usage at a flow setting of 2, and has a recharge time of up to 5 hours with AC or DC power.

Weight and Dimensions:

  • The BA-400 is lightweight at approximately 2.8 pounds.
  • The BA-408 weighs in at nearly 3.3 pounds due to the larger battery capacity.
  • The Inogen One G4, with the standard battery, measures around 7.2 inches in height, which increases slightly with the extended battery.

The portability of the Inogen One G4 is one of its key features, allowing users oxygen therapy on-the-go. Both battery options are designed to fit seamlessly within the G4 system, maintaining the unit’s sleek and unobtrusive profile. Characterized by their intelligent oxygen delivery technology and quiet operation, both battery models facilitate active lifestyles and travel, providing flexibility across various settings.

Battery Specifications

Inogen’s G4 portable oxygen concentrator batteries, the BA-400 and BA-408, differ in life span and weight, offering tailored options for users based on their specific needs.

Inogen G4 BA-400 Details

The BA-400 is Inogen One G4’s standard single battery option, designed to be rechargeable and portable for users on the go. It offers a battery life of up to 3 hours at a flow setting of 2, ensuring essential mobility without frequent recharging. The battery itself weighs approximately 2.8 pounds, making it a lightweight choice for shorter outings.

Inogen G4 BA-408 Features

In contrast, the BA-408 is an extended life battery, characterized by its longer duration and slightly larger size. It provides a battery life of up to 5 hours, which supports longer periods of use without the need for recharging. Even with the extended capacity, the battery maintains practicality in terms of weight, coming in at 3.3 pounds with the extended battery installed. This model is ideal for users requiring oxygen for prolonged periods while away from power sources.

Comparative Analysis

This section offers a focused comparison of the Inogen One G4 battery models BA-400 and BA-408, examining their battery life and the implications of the physical dimensions and weight for users.

Battery Life Comparison

The Inogen One G4 model BA-400 is designed to offer a standard battery life, which typically lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge. On the other hand, the model BA-408, known as the Double Battery, presents an extended option, allowing users up to 5 hours of usage. This difference can be critical for users requiring a longer duration of oxygen supply without access to charging facilities.

Battery ModelBattery Life
BA-400Up to 4 hours
BA-408Up to 5 hours

Physical Dimensions and Weight

Concerning the physical aspects, the Inogen One G4 with the standard BA-400 battery maintains a more compact and lightweight profile. This model has a weight that enables convenient portability for users on the move. In contrast, opting for the extended BA-408 battery increases both the weight and size of the device due to the additional power cells required to extend the battery life. Users may experience a slight trade-off between extended use and increased weight and dimensions, making it essential to consider their own mobility needs and preferences.

Battery ModelWeightDimensions
BA-400Lighter optionMore compact size
BA-408Heavier optionSlightly larger size

Functional Usage

Inogen’s G4 portable oxygen concentrator batteries are integral to the device’s mobile functionality, providing users with varying levels of operational time. The model BA-400 and BA-408 have distinct characteristics tailored to different user requirements.

Power Source Compatibility

AC Power Supply: Both the Inogen One G4 BA-400 (4-cell single battery) and BA-408 (8-cell double battery) are compatible with an AC power supply, enabling the use of the concentrator while simultaneously charging the battery.

  • BA-400: Recharge time with AC power is up to three hours.
  • BA-408: Recharge time with AC power is up to five hours.

DC Power Supply: Using a vehicle’s DC power outlet, both batteries can be charged, thus ensuring uninterrupted oxygen supply during car travel.

  • BA-400: Can charge via DC power in a similar timeframe to AC power.
  • BA-408: Charging duration with DC power is extended compared to the BA-400 due to its larger capacity.

Operational Settings

Each battery model plays a pivotal role in determining how long the Inogen One G4 can operate without external power sources, especially significant in various settings where power accessibility varies.

  • BA-400:
    • Up to two hours of operation.
    • Best suited for short outings or as a backup power source.
  • BA-408:
    • Provides approximately four hours of use.
    • Ideal for longer travel or extended periods away from power outlets.

The settings at which the Inogen One G4 operates will affect these durations, with higher oxygen flow requirements reducing the operational time for both battery models.

Accessories and Additional Support

Inogen’s portable oxygen concentrators, such as the G4 model, are complemented by a variety of accessories designed to enhance the user’s mobility and oxygen therapy experience. Key among these are options for external battery charging and carrying solutions.

External Battery Charger Integration

For those who require extended use of their Inogen One G4, the BA-400 and BA-408 batteries are central to maintaining therapy without interruption. The External Battery Charger allows for charging a battery separately from the concentrator unit, meaning one could use the POC while charging a spare battery. This accessory is especially useful for users who need to manage their therapy while being away from power outlets for extended periods.

  • Compatibility: Both BA-400 and BA-408 batteries can be charged with the External Battery Charger.
  • Convenience: Enables continuous oxygen therapy as one battery can be used in the device while the other is charging.

Carrying Solutions

Mobility is a crucial aspect of oxygen therapy for active users. The Inogen One G4 comes with tailored carrying solutions to facilitate ease of movement.

  • Carry Bag: A custom carry bag designed for the Inogen One G4 offers a snug fit for the device, ensuring safety and portability.
  • The bag accommodates both the BA-400 and BA-408 batteries, with dedicated spaces for accessories like extra batteries or power supplies.

Adjustability of the bag’s strap allows for comfortable transport, making it convenient for users to take their oxygen therapy with them wherever they go.

Safety and Maintenance

When handling Inogen One G4 batteries, models BA-400 and BA-408, it is crucial to follow specific guidelines to ensure safety and maintain the equipment’s integrity and functionality.

Proper Care for Longevity

Inogen One G4 batteries require regular maintenance to maximize their lifespan. To prevent damage and preserve battery health, users should:

  • Avoid exposure to water: Keeping the batteries dry is vital. Water contact can lead to malfunction or damage.
  • Keep away from extremes in temperature: Store the batteries in a cool, dry place to avoid overheating or freezing.
  • Prevent contact with combustible materials: The user should store the batteries away from oil, grease, and other flammable materials.
  • Handle with care: Dropping or mishandling batteries may cause internal damage that could impact performance.

Manufacturer Recommendations

The manufacturer provides clear guidelines for the use and maintenance of the BA-400 and BA-408 models in the service manuals. Users should consult the manual for comprehensive troubleshooting advice and:

  • Use only Inogen parts, such as the nasal cannula and batteries, to ensure compatibility and safety.
  • Refrain from smoking near the oxygen concentrator or batteries, as it poses a fire risk.
  • Adhere to the manual’s maintenance schedule and regularly inspect the equipment for any signs of wear. This includes checking for any needed replacement of parts.
  • Avoid the use of a humidifier without proper instructions, as incorrect use can introduce water into the system.

By adhering to these practices, users can ensure that their Inogen One G4 concentrator and batteries remain in good working order, providing reliable service over time.

Warranty and Service

When considering the purchase of Inogen’s G4 battery models, namely the BA-400 and the BA-408, customers are often attentive to warranty and service offerings as these factors contribute significantly to product reliability and user independence.

Manufacturer Inogen provides a 1-year limited warranty for both the BA-400 and BA-408 battery models. This warranty covers the batteries to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. It’s important for customers to familiarize themselves with warranty terms to ensure understanding of what is and isn’t covered.

The service included by Inogen for battery issues under warranty typically involves troubleshooting, repair, or replacement as deemed necessary by Inogen’s technicians.

Here is a brief breakdown of the service process:

  • Initiate Service: Customers must contact Inogen’s service department if they encounter battery-related issues that fall under warranty coverage.
  • Assessment: Inogen assesses the issue to determine if it’s covered by the warranty.
  • Resolution: If a defect is confirmed within the warranty period, Inogen will either repair or replace the battery at no additional cost to the customer.

Customers must note that the warranty is only valid for the original purchaser, and proof of purchase may be required. Furthermore, Inogen’s warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, abuse, or modifications to the battery.

For those seeking extended service and assurance, additional service plans might be available for purchase. These plans could offer benefits such as extended warranty periods or reduced-cost repair services, amplifying the users’ sense of independence by ensuring longer uninterrupted use of their portable oxygen concentrator.

By understanding the Warranty and Service aspects of Inogen’s BA-400 and BA-408 batteries, customers can make an informed decision, ensuring their purchase aligns with their needs for independence and dependable service.

Consumer Experience

Inogen’s G4 portable oxygen concentrator batteries, models BA-400 and BA-408, influence the users’ travel experiences and equipment satisfaction. These two battery options cater to various lifestyles and mobility needs, which are vital for those who require uninterrupted oxygen therapy.

Traveling and Mobility

Users report that the Inogen One G4 Single Battery (BA-400), lasting up to 3 hours on a flow setting of 2, supports short outings and enhances daily freedom without the burden of carrying extra weight. The device’s compact size and weight of 2.8 pounds make it a convenient travel companion.

On the contrary, the Inogen One G4 Double Battery (BA-408) is recognized for its longer duration capabilities, with some vendors advertising a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It is tailored for users who need extended battery life to maintain respiratory therapy without the need for frequent recharging. Weighing at 3.3 pounds with the extended battery, this option provides a balance between extended mobility and manageable carrying weight.

Battery ModelWeightDuration
BA-4002.8 lbsUp to 3 hrs
BA-4083.3 lbsLonger usage

User Feedback and Ratings

Customers frequently turn to peer ratings and reviews to gauge product reliability and performance. For model BA-400, the emphasis on its light weight and portability has garnered positive reactions from users who prioritize short trips and mobility over extended use without access to power sources.

In contrast, reviews for model BA-408 usually highlight the increased independence it offers for users on longer journeys or those away from charging facilities. They appreciate the added peace of mind this capacity provides and note its fit for an active lifestyle. These feedback points are essential for any potential user to consider along with physician guidance and monitoring requirements.


In summary, the Inogen One G4 offers two battery options: the BA-400 and the BA-408. Both are lithium-ion batteries, designed specifically for the Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator, but they differ in capacity and size.

FeatureBA-400 BatteryBA-408 Battery
WeightLighter optionSlightly heavier
Battery LifeUp to 3 hours on a flow setting of 2Longer duration than BA-400
CompatibilityCompatible with Inogen One G4Compatible with Inogen One G4
DimensionsCompactLarger due to extended capacity

Users should consider their mobility needs, duration of oxygen therapy, and personal convenience when choosing between these two battery models. The lighter BA-400 battery provides sufficient power for short outings and is easy to carry, while the BA-408 battery, being heavier, offers extended battery life for longer trips without access to a power source.

The Inogen’s customer support team is a valuable resource for users needing assistance in making an informed decision based on their specific requirements. It is essential to ensure that whichever battery model chosen, it is used, maintained, and stored according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to optimize performance and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses common queries regarding the differences between the Inogen One G4 battery models BA-400 and BA-408, such as battery life, weight, interchangeability, charging requirements, portability, and pricing.

What are the main differences in battery life between the BA-400 and BA-408 models for the Inogen One G4?

The BA-400, often known as the single battery, grants a shorter usage duration compared to the BA-408, which is a double battery. Specifically, the BA-408 may last up to 5 hours at a flow setting of 2 when fully charged, offering extended mobility.

How does the weight of the Inogen G4 BA-400 battery compare to the BA-408 model?

The Inogen One G4 with the BA-400 battery is lighter compared to when it is equipped with the BA-408. The double battery (BA-408) adds additional weight but extends the usage time, balancing between extended mobility and increased weight.

Can the BA-400 and BA-408 batteries be used interchangeably with the Inogen One G4?

Yes, both BA-400 and BA-408 batteries are designed to work with the Inogen One G4, making them interchangeable. Users can choose the battery based on their specific needs for longer operation time or lighter weight.

Are there any distinct charging requirements for the Inogen One G4 BA-408 battery versus the BA-400?

Both the BA-400 and BA-408 batteries are charged using the Inogen One G4’s charging system. However, due to its larger capacity, the BA-408 may have a longer charging time compared to the BA-400.

What impact do the BA-400 and BA-408 batteries have on the overall portability of the Inogen One G4?

The BA-400 battery keeps the Inogen One G4 at its lightest, enhancing portability for the user. In contrast, the BA-408 increases device weight but provides prolonged operation time, offering a trade-off based on the user’s priority.

Is there a significant price difference between the Inogen G4 BA-400 and BA-408 batteries?

Generally, there is a price difference between the two battery models, with the BA-408 typically being more expensive than the BA-400 due to its larger capacity and extended battery life it offers to the users.

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